Monday, 5 May 2014

a wedding: xenia & simeon

Sometimes my involvement with a wedding is just being there to do whatever bits a pieces need doing on the day. This was one of those weddings, and it was such a joy to be able to hang out at the brides house on the morning of the wedding, making flower crowns & buttonholes, drawing up a seating chart, eating pastries and being a part of the joyous buzz.

[Hopefully] by now you'll recognise the incredible handiwork of my photographer friend & genius, Linda Truong. She just has this way of capturing tender moments, rich colours and dreamy light.

Oh! And I made a cake and covered it in flowers. The mother of the bride bought all the flowers for this wedding by choosing colours that she thought best encapsulated the personality of her daughter - how sweet is that?!

There are tonne more photos after the jump.

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  1. Such a beautiful blog!! The wedding photographs are simply stunning. You both are making a wonderful couple. Recently attended my friend’s wedding at one of great Seattle venues. It was very awesome and enjoyable. Really had great time there.