Wednesday, 5 March 2014

fig tart & a new adventure

I have two very exciting things to share with you today. Number one, I made a delicious tart out of figs and pecans and maple syrup. Number two, I've totally levelled up in the blogesphere game by becoming a guest blogger! (ha, I'm such a dork.)

But seriously, over the last few months I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know a whole bunch of creative, blogging geniuses across Sydney. One such lady goes by the name of Nia Neve, and she is proving to be just as cool as her name sounds. She has the most lovely blog and is the mastermind behind the whole #postaparcel operation that has taken instagram by storm. (If you want to learn more about postaparcel click here, here & here.) Little did I know that while I was busy putting a parcel together, Nia was stalking this blog and hatching a plan for me to become a regular contributor to Life & Co. I was seriously so blown away by her proposition and am so excited to work with her.

So, voila! The guest blogging begins with a warm, gooey, autumnal fig tart that is sure to please fig lovers and fig doubters alike. Head on over to Life & Co for the recipe and more pictures!
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