Wednesday, 22 May 2013

a purple english garden cake

Oh, look! I made a cake and covered in flowers!

Predictable. Reliable.

This beautiful and massive cake was made for a friends parent's double 60th birthday party. The brief was for layers of dark chocolate and honey lavender cake smothered in white chocolate icing (this recipe to be exact). The flowers: a purple hued English garden. I've never been to an English garden, as I've never been to England, but I guessed that roses, lavender and lisianthus would be about right. I snuck some Australian foliage in there - this is Australia though so it's only fair.

There is not much in this post that you haven't seen before, except that I'll show you a neat little trick on how to secure fresh flowers to a cake.

The secret? Floristry wire stems! See those roses? They've had their stems replaced with flexible, twisted wire so that you can stab them straight into your cake. You'll need a pack of 1.1mm gauge floristry wire - available online or at any flower market sundry shop or even your local florist.

To attach the wire cut the stem about half a centimetre from the bud. Pierce the remaining stub of stem with the wire, push all the way through until you can double over your wire. Twist the wire to create a single flexible stem.

Make sure you wait until the last minute to do this, so that your flowers stay as hydrated as possible. Without their stems they can't suck up and water and will start to wilt.

To arrange the flowers on the cake always start with the foliage. Other than that, it's up to you and your imagination!

(Happy birthday Kathy & Simon. Kathy, thanks for the lovely card! xx)
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