Saturday, 6 April 2013

the loveliest of kitchen teas

This is an event that I can take absolutely no credit for. It was mainly the handiwork of my dear friend Caity. But I had to show you because it was oh so pretty. Vintage tea cups, bunting, crocheted table cloths and flower wreaths... I know you've seen them all before, but they still get me every time!

Despite how lovely this whole event was, I feel like it's okay to shatter the 4th wall for a moment here and tell you some lessons we learned in it's execution.

1. It is very difficult to transport a significant amount of decent furniture to a park that is not all that close to your house. This will require multiple car trips and muscles that most of you don't have.
2. Tea relies pretty heavily on the availability of boiling water. A pre-boiled urn of water cools down surprisingly quickly.
3. When the weather forecast says 'a shower or two', it isn't kidding around.
4. Plastic cups and paper plates don't make for very pretty photos, but gosh, it is easier to shove them all in a bag at the end of the event than to cart home china ware and wash them by hand.
5. Oh yeah, Garbage bags! Don't forget to bring them.

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