Sunday, 2 September 2012

spring macarons!

I have been terrified of macarons since I first heard about them. If there hadn't been such hype around them I think I would have fearlessly tried baking them long ago. Instead, I've avoided making them at all costs... no-one likes to fail.

So you can imagine my delight when I saw that my macarons rose without cracking and had feet! I bounded into the lounge room, "Mum, they have feet!"

Mum: "I have no idea what that means."

"My macarons have FEET!"

Mum: "Biscuits don't have feet"

But you understand, don't you, dear reader!?

I had to play it safe the first time around so I stuck with the plain cream coloured shells. I'd read so many different things about colouring the shell mixture and I just got too scared. Coloured icing, however, I can do. And look at those lovely spring pastel fillings!

The flavours are violet, lemon, musk and marshmallow. (I got a little bit excited with the exotic extracts I ordered recently. want some? check this place out.)

I did a bit of research before settling on a recipe and I went with Martha Stewarts one. You can find her recipe here. Follow it exactly! But first, allow me to emphasise a few points...

1. Whip that egg white. Seriously. Whip it forever.

2. When it says to triple sift the almond meal - just do it. This will also take you exactly forever, but just do it!

 3. Pipe them evenly, you want them to match up when you fill them. And make sure you tap the tray on the bench before resting them.

 4. Let them rest for about an hour, until you can touch them lightly without any batter sticking to your finger.

5. Martha doesn't say to do this, but I'd read elsewhere that it helped if they were baked with the oven door slightly ajar. Use a wooden spoon to keep it open.

(feet, feet, feet!)

6. Use your imagination when it comes to the filling. The options are endless!

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  1. You are one ridiculously talented woman!!

  2. YUM. WANT.

    Also, I'm very impressed. My effort at macaroons was an utter and dismal failure. Props!

  3. I am in awe of your baking talents! Love love love your creations!! You are an inspiration!! Definitely going to try this out one of this days!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can't believe yours worked first time round!! I'll tell Hugh - he's tried twice and failed twice. They look marvellous!!

    Love you!!