Monday, 6 August 2012

happy birthday, gabby

Dear Gabby,

I made you a birthday cake that I knew you would love. It's a double-layer honey & lavender cake with fluffy cream cheese icing. I was so looking forward to you eating it and loving it and sharing it with your friends.

But then...

I ate it.

I'm sorry! It's just that life got really difficult. You were busy - I was busy and the cake just sat there waiting to be eaten. I felt so sorry for it and just had to.

I just had to.

It was delicious, I promise!

I didn't eat it all myself though, I took it to church so that a bunch of lovely people could enjoy it.

I'm sorry that it never made it to you... But it's the thought that counts, right?


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  1. hahahahaha! steph

  2. Lovely would you be able to share the recipe for this, please? It looks incredible! :-) x

  3. I know you figured it out already, Rach, but in case anyone else is wondering I just doubled the recipe from this post ( and cooked it slower on a lower heat :)