Wednesday, 15 August 2012

a wedding & a baker's dozen

Sometimes when people ask me what I do with my life, the words 'I'm a wedding planner' almost slip out! I'm not actually a wedding planner although it seems like I'm continuously involved in one wedding or another.

This wedding was particularly close to my heart, and I couldn't keep myself away from it. Check out these photos by the incredibly talented Linda Truong who captured all the magic!

Aren't they just lovely?

In our planning meetings I suggested that they have wedding cakes as centerpieces on their tables. 12 tables = 12 wedding cakes. Phew! The idea was to have a different flavoured cakes in the middle of each table decorated with a variety of fresh flowers. For desert we would move them all to a desert bar so people could serve themselves.

I made 3 of each flavours: dark chocolate mud, white chocolate mud, carrot cake and a gluten free almond & lemon cake. They scrubbed up pretty nicely!

The stands were custom made by Lauren over at a fabulous fete who was so helpful with accommodating our order.

Happy married life, kiddos. You sure started it well!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! It was fantastic working with you, Alanna. Can't wait for more future projects together ;))

  2. omgosh Alanna, you talented thing!!!! I am in awe, your blog is so beautiful! And Linda, what can I say?!!