Tuesday, 10 July 2012

how to brown butter

I don't mean to be patronising in writing a post like this. I just know that when I started cooking I was confused by the simplest stuff - because I was convinced it couldn't be that easy.

Browning butter is that easy. And it adds an extra depth to the flavour of your food, both in savoury and sweet dishes. Basically, whenever a recipe calls for melted butter, you can substitute it for browned butter. It's your new trick. Sa-weeet!

Put the butter in the pan.

Stir until the butter is fully melted and starts to bubble.

Allow the butter to foam up. You will start to see the foam turn a golden brown butter and be able to smell the fragrant browned butter. 

Take off the heat and allow to cool if the recipe calls for cooled melted butter.

It will start to separate into the burnt butter solids and the liquid - just stir it before using it in your  recipe.

So when I post a recipe for a pecan pie that has melted butter in it - brown it. do it.

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