Sunday, 1 July 2012

birthday resolutions

- learn how to make macaroons (instead of just eating them)

- move my love for cycling out of the comfortable darkness of the spin room into the real world of trees and birds

- be. more. disciplined.

- buy, own and love a ragdoll kitten

- make sure that it becomes a well-known household fact that avocados kill birds (no one knows. everyone should know.) 

- learn the names and seasons of all common flowers

- walk the dog on a regular basis. the poor thing is getting cabin fever. 

- learn how to keep my speech salty

- read all the harry potter books, because apparently I 'haven't lived'

- read more!

- go to a country I have never been to before

- host a murder mystery dinner party

- stop saying 'srsly', 'lol' and 'totes' because they're just not real words

- be more friendly, being shy is not a good excuse, just be nice, girl. 

- maintain friendships even when they are hard and spread out across the globe

- be more generous; because nothing I have is really mine anyway

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  1. Eek! I'm shy too, but nobody believes me any more... Except the people who I can't get up the courage to speak too... Why do avocados kill birds?